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Rolex Overhaul (Repair)

Our on-site watchmaker has more than 43 years' experience repairing watches and is part of an elite group of watchmakers trained to repair Rolexes. But his talent isn't the only thing that makes our Rolex overhaul the best deal for your dollar:

  • Instead of just bathing your Rolex, our watchmaker takes it apart and cleans it.  
  • We include the gaskets in the basic Rolex overhaul price.
  • We guarantee your Rolex overhaul for one full year from the date of repair.
  • Our turnaround times for Rolex overhauls, repairs, and cleanings are some of the shortest in the business. We've been serving our customers in the same location since 1976.
  • If your Rolex requires extra repair parts, you decide if you'd like to keep your Rolex original with Genuine Rolex parts or if you'd like to save money using generic parts.

The Rolex Overhaul Process:

Whether you mail us your Rolex or visit our store, the process is the same. Once we receive your Rolex, we give it to our watchmaker for an estimate. Once the estimate for your Rolex overhaul is complete, one of our jewelry consultants will contact you to review your quote in detail. No work will be completed without your approval. If you do not wish to proceed, you may either pick up your Rolex or we will ship it back to you. If you approve the estimate, your Rolex is put in queue to be worked on. The Rolex overhaul process takes from 2 to 5 weeks, depending on what needs to be done. Our watchmaker spends part of that time monitoring your watch to assure that it is keeping proper time. Once your watch is completed, one of our jewelry consultants will contact you.

Our Rolex Overhaul Includes:

  • The movement is taken apart and put in a special cleaning solution.
  • Once all the parts have been cleaned, the movement is re-oiled and put back together.
  • The back gasket is replaced.
  • The Rolex is then timed. Our watchmaker uses a sophisticated, computerized timer to ensure that the Rolex is running accurately. If it is not, he will recalibrate it accordingly.
  • The watch is then pressure-tested to ensure that there are no water leaks and the Rolex is safe to dive with.
  • After that, your watch is monitored for a few days to ensure it is keeping accurate time.

Recommendations on shipping and packaging your Rolex:

When shipping your Rolex to us, make sure to secure it and prevent it from rattling inside the packing; however, please do not include your Rolex box or any other Rolex packaging.

Ship it to Stardara, but do not include Jewelers or Jewelry on the Ship To company name.

Always insure the package for the price you paid for your watch.

We recommend using Registered Mail with the US Postal Service as the safest, most secure way of shipping your watch. It may take up to 5 days for us to receive it. If you instead choose to ship by UPS or FedEx, we recommend overnight delivery to reduce the risk of theft.

When shipping your Rolex, include a note with your contact information, as well as any problems you are experiencing with your Rolex. 

Ship to:       Stardara     109 SE 15th Terrace     Deerfield Beach, FL 33441         

Any questions, please call our jewelry consultants: 800-446-8129 


Rolex is a registered trademark of Rolex USA. Pandora Jewelers Inc. is not an affiliate of Rolex and is not an authorized Rolex repair center.